About me

I’ll start from long time ago, my really first experience in a kitchen has been at a young age, my dad is a chef and he runs his own restaurant since I was a kid, that’s why at 6 years old I found my self busy pealing off potatoes. It’s simply the creative way my daddy used to punish me when I was naughty, likely I’ve always been a really “lively dude” and so I spent a lot of time in the kitchen together with him. At the age of 14 I was already able to prepare a good variety of dishes.

I worked in my family’s restaurant in Genova till the age of 22 when, at the end of University I decided to get some more chef experience in London where I worked in a great restaurant as Pasta Chef. Back in Italy after 6 months in the City, I moved to Sanremo and I start to work as Chef in a very busy restaurant in the center of the town. At this point arrived the offer I was waiting for, my uncle asked me to join his business, I wanted to get out the kitchen and I started as agent in his company. It’s during my four years as yacht agent that I came across this industry, I deeply felt in love with it. At the end of 2016 I decided to take my chance and jump on board, the yachties life-style was really attractive and my chef soul, after a long rest, was knocking at the back of my head. I didn’t have to wait long time to find my first job on board a 60 meter private yacht called Capella C. Here comes the turning point of my career, thanks to Capella C I travelled around Europe and spent one summer in the Baltic Sea. The next year I wanted to try the commercial environment and I moved on a Sunreef 68ft for the Caribbean season and with the same boat I did the following Med season in Croatia and Montenegro. In between the seasons on the Catamaran I kept my self busy with my first freelance Charter on MY Kaleen in The Bahamas, and I went back on MY Vibrance for the second time during her shipyard period in Florida.

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